Why Salah – Tawfik ?

For nearly thirty years, the Islamic Foundation of South Florida, Inc. (IFSF) has played a pivotal role in the development of the Muslim community in South Florida and it’s relationship with the wider community. Established in 1989 as the School of Islamic Studies of Broward, Inc. (SISB) with an enrollment of 70 students, the current Foundation was endowed in 2000 to support the construction of the current facilities, completed in 2006. IFSF now encompasses: Salah Tawfik Elementary and Middle School (STEMS) a full-time day school with 220 students from PreK-8th Grade; a full-time masjid (prayer hall), open to the public, which hosts a variety of public educational events on nights and weekends; and a Food Pantry which serves the regular monthly needs of 120 local families, as well as providing temporary emergency assistance to hundreds more individuals. IFSF is a galvanizing force, bringing together Muslims from diverse backgrounds working towards the common goals of education and community service.